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The Spirit of pinboi

This is the story of how Bisi & Gavin made music together

When Gavin Hardkiss and I met in January, we had no idea that in August we would have written and recorded for 7 track EP. I was on set for a video they were producing for Thrillhammers' song, Bohemian Berlin Disco, an ode to Bubbles, a San Francisco hero & Icon who was shot. We discovered that day, that we come from the same continent. Like most of us but for us, very recently.

We wanted to give the world a fusion of Nigeria & South Africa, of pop and electronic, of jungle and dance. We wrote and recorded all the songs between my studio at Monument and his home studio.

Why Spirit of Pinboi? The conversation goes like this, Gavin says, what is our goal, I say..Coachella in a year, he says okay. I like that, what would our concept be? He says, pinball machines. The place we were having lunch had several, so we played like we were pinball wizards. We like the way each machine had a story, but the ball was this free spirit set to touch everything. We imagined stage designs, and dancers and colors, and went back to write “Don’t Know About Love”.

We’ve written 6 songs that all came together in a flash. Some are cheeky. Some are romantic. But they all exist in a universe of their own influenced by new style African rhythms and sounds that would not be out of place in Johannesburg or Lagos.

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