R N’ Baltimore

Rhode Island. New York. Baltimore

Its day 10 for me, Day 7 for Brian so we are in a rhythm.

and there have been some blues

Circes Restaurant was our best meal on the tour, no doubt.

Brian met Lindsay and Carlo 6 months ago at Hampton social in Chicago.

well, now we are here!

Brian killed as always, and they comped all our food. The staff was excellent. I’ll be back soon to perform the downtown location.

I finally got my Sofar Sound Debut In Chelsea Manhattan. it was Epic! It was a packed house,

Brian killed it, so did Apri of Rose Monarchs. He voice is just killer. Adam Falcon is such a soul singer. I want to feature him.

All in all. it was a very very high moment from all the shows & traveling. Friends came through, danced. The location reminded me of a place I spend my time in San Francisco.

We hit up Baltimore after our night in NYC, then came back afterwards. It was fucking amazing...

Brian and I trying to laugh it off, but feeling a little sad that it is our last night together. We made it last one more day though.



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