At the Red Roof in Albany...

14 hours later, we are exhausted, content, anxious, hopeful and open. All at the same time.... it’s 1am now.

We listened to Brian’s Dad, Mark Allison’s tunes on our way. Man, he could sing. I see where Brian got it from.

In a few hours we will be on our way to Boston where I’m going to play at The Gaff after Brian Allison’s set at Sofar Sound, then The Bebop on Wednesday.

Wow! Sofar Sounds Boston was amazing!

Brian Allison, Emma June Band and Ryanhood were phenomenal. the organizing crew were friendly, professional and kind.

We went to The Gaff afterwards, and someone said that they didn’t that they were coming out to a show. to come to see a damn good show here tonight.” That felt really good. people were dancing. Filming, all the things. It was quiet the high.

Brian was like “did you see that!? We shut the place down. Now that’s how you do it and you should be so stoked about that!” Gratitude!

#killedtheopenmicnight #topthat

Breakfast. checkout. Lunch at the Bebop

The road is humbling, it is uncertain, it is the maker of new relationships, the gatherer of connections.

It is the way back to yourself, it is journey back home. It is the seeking of ones truth. It is the blocker of distractions, the revival of instincts.

Waking up to that note was really encouraging!



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