Chicago. 10/5 - 6th

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

...O’Hare [ Chicago Airport]

Excited to be back here. Sitting at the airport waiting for Brian Allison. I can’t believe I was here 3 years ago, how did this become the birth place of my pilgrimage?

Thanks to CDbaby Musicians Conference.

Anyways, I was really hoping to book ecstatic dance. They initially rejected the idea, cause they wanted me to be local, then I convinced them, that I’ll already be here, and now I’m on a long wait. I mean, I might as well just show up tomorrow. See what happens....

Brian is In the studio tomorrow. I could just work on my track before ecstatic. I could create a sound healing meditation and see who tunes into using it.

You could do, 30 days of meditation for every day when you wake up.

Sweet. I’ll do that.

I was here three years ago, when I found out my grand father had passed. I guess, I have come back again to meet him to seek his wisdom, to see his memories in mine.

Woke up and did the thing...

Every second on the road counts”

That is what I said yesterday, before performing my songs to the audience. They thanked me that they happened to be there when it happened. It felt very real to acknowledge the coincidence of our individual paths coming together In one space where my songs will now have a different life, a different meaning.

I live with them everyday, trying to explain often always, why I can’t do both. Live and make music, you don’t understand. I died along time ago. Music is all that is left. It isn’t an empty vessel, It isn’t soulless, it isn’t heartless. It is headless.

Think about that for one second, a headless being...uses all of its senses to see, to smell,

to take you in. It feels things, you see

It notices things that you don’t. It is headless In the way that it cannot reach conclusions unless experienced.

How dumb is that? I dunno, is it?

Saturday night at Bills Bar was a success, I made it to see my great friend Jonathan from the Ego Mechanics after. It is always so lovely to spend time with him. He is so meek and gentle. I admire this characteristic.

Eleanor and I went to the conservatory, then the zoo, then to Velvet Tacos and I went off to play at The Gallery Cabaret, really cool spot with a great community of artistst. The early open mic was good, but the late open mic was much more energetic.

Thank you Chicago!

See you soon Boston.



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