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Àwọn Ẹnìyàn Yorùbá: Àwọn òrìṣà, àwọn akọni, àti àwọn ibi mímọ́ ilẹ̀ Yorùbá

Kaabo si aye itan ati asa Yoruba — Welcome to the world of Yoruba history and culture. As a child of Yoruba descent, the tales and legends of our people often kindled my imagination, painting vivid pictures of a past rich with culture, tradition, and resilience.

In 1816, Samuel Ajayi Crowther undertook a monumental task, translating our oral traditions into written form, thus giving a new dimension to the voices of our ancestors. This act was a significant step in preserving our heritage, but the Yoruba narrative is far more expansive than what western education has often portrayed. Our story weaves through the ancient kingdoms of Ife and Oyo to the diaspora across the Americas, leaving a cultural imprint that testifies to an unyielding spirit, one that has endured through the adversities of slavery and colonialism.


Yoruba culture has not merely survived; it has flourished, evolving continuously and extending its influence globally. This coloring book is a tribute to that legacy, a bridge connecting the present to our illustrious past. It invites everyone, with particular care for our history, to understand and cherish our heroes not through the narratives imposed by outsiders but through our own enduring and vibrant stories.


Each page of this book celebrates our heritage, from the legendary heroics of Sango, the thunder god, to the profound wisdom encapsulated in Ifa divination. It's a testament that our culture is not static; it is a living, breathing journey of discovery and pride.

As you bring color to these pages, let every stroke be a connection to our ancestors, honoring their struggles and triumphs. May this book spark your curiosity about your Yoruba roots and inspire you to preserve and pass on our traditions.


As we honor our past, let us also look to the future with hope. Envision how you will weave your unique thread into the ongoing Yoruba story, shaping the next chapter with your dreams, values, and talents. This moment is an opportunity to deeply connect with our ancestors, to embrace their resilience and to heed their call to advance their legacy.

The future awaits; it's your turn to chart a path forward. Our rich history guides you, but the journey ahead is yours to define.

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