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Terms and Conditions of Purchase Congratulations on your purchase of LOVABOAT NFT! You are now the proud owner of a 2023 pass to the Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss shows. Here’s what that means. You can attend any Bis & Gavin Hardkiss show for free. Just show up and sign in using the QR code You’ll be prompted to sign into your Bisi Music NFT that holds your NFT. The QR Code will ‘read’ your NFT and you’ll gain access Access includes a free pass, one guest, and backstage access to only the NFT owner. You can also arrive a day before the Festival, and stay a day later. If/when Bisi Music introduces Month Passes to the Festival site, this will be added to your NFT. Month Passes will have their own Terms & Conditions. You can not sell, trade or give away your access to another person. Only the person who owns the NFT can use it to access the Festival. You can sell your NFT but that means you are no longer the NFT owner and do not have 2023 access pass to the Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss shows anymore. The exception to this rule is in the case of presenters, market stall holders, production crew and healers. If you ALREADY have a comp ticket because you contribute to the Festival, you can bring a guest on YOUR NFT. Secondary Sales will be possible on within a few months. You will be able to sell your NFT for fiat (Bisi dollars). You can transfer your NFT into another wallet, but you can not transfer it BACK into your account. So please, make sure you really want to move it off the bisi music, because once you take that action, it can’t come back on. We recommend keeping your NFT in your Bisi Music account, and using our secondary marketplace to sell it. It’s your responsibility to ensure you can attend the Festival each year. If you can’t make it, there are no refunds, and you can’t sell, trade or give away your access for the year. Free entrance access means for Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss shows in 2023 If our shows can’t go ahead one year because of Covid or any other the extenuating event, there is no refund for not being able to attend that year. If and when we stop operating, your Lifetime access ends. But you still have the beautiful artwork 11. If you own one NFT, you can bring one person as your guest for each NFT that you own. They must arrive and leave with you, and be with you when you sign in.

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