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Drawing on a wealth of oral traditions and the groundbreaking work of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Bisi Obateru presents a book that transcends time, inviting readers to engage with history on a personal level. The book illuminates a world where the Yoruba spirit has woven its essence into the global tapestry, challenging our notions of cultural endurance and identity.


Obateru, a San Francisco-based author, entrepreneur, and DJ, intertwines the mythical with the technological, offering more than a tribute to the past—it is a dialogue with the present. This coloring book dares you to color within the lines of history, from the thunderous might of Sango to the profound wisdom of Ifa divination, reflecting on the shades of meaning beyond them.


"I invite you to journey through these pages," says Bisi Obateru. "Color with joy, and in doing so, connect with a history that is as vibrant and enduring as the hues you will bring to life."


This coloring book, a progeny of Obateru's musical journey with Gavin Hardkiss on the album ‘Spirit of Pinboi,’ marks the fusion of art, culture, and music. It encapsulates the historical significance of figures like Oduduwa, Moremi, and Oranmiyan, and sacred places like Ile-Ife and Oyo, revealing the depth of Yoruba civilization.

Yoruba People: The Orisas, Heroes, and Sacred Places of Yorubaland

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