Raison D'être

In the United States, when we think about our African ancestors, we often focus on their struggle, their response to oppression, and their moral high ground to choose nonviolence in the face of inhumane conditions. Some superheroes of African American culture faced the foe of oppression with the tools of Christianity and European culture.


The story we tell in Africa is completely different. Our gods created life, land, and controlled the elements. Sango is the god of fire in the Yoruba land. Sango was the first superhero of the Yoruba story. He was sent down from heaven to unify the Yoruba people. Sango is our subject in The Spirit of Pinboi.


Decades ago, Nigeria was being overtaken by Christianity and formed a disdain for our own gods and stories. The ancient narrative of Sango offers an opportunity to tell the story of African ancestry in a new light. Instead of telling the story of plight and adversity, we tell a story of power and control. Sango is a force for unification and peace and does not depend on the origin stories of European ancestry.

Spirit of Pinboi


We’re asking for funding contributions to support emerging African artists and continue this legacy. We need to raise $10,000 to create an extended music video telling the love story in Spirit of Pinboi. It will be shot on location in San Francisco and employ the great talents of Nnenna Obioma and Onni Jones. We’re also excited to bring the creative vision of Joe Smith, a fantastic Director of Photography to flesh out the gritty and real textures of the urban environments and blend them with the rich and gorgeous lives of gods of the elements Fire and Water.


In return for your contribution, your name will be featured in the credits, you will be a guest of honor at the world premiere, and you will have helped support the legacy of West African music in North American landscapes.